Why Task Engine

Posted in General @ April 11, 2022

“Hello, world!”

My name is Andrei, and I created Task Engine. I’ve been involved in online projects for my entire adult life, since first putting my name next to a tech blog in 2006.

After working in project management for a few years and collaborating with hundreds of small business owners over the years, I saw the emergence of a few factors that drove me to build our current service:

Small business owners are overwhelmed. They can’t do everything on their own, nor should they – working in the business rather than on the business is a recipe for frustration, stagnation, and ultimately burnout.

VAs are a hassle. Hiring virtual assistants is a great idea, but it takes time and energy to find the right people, then train and manage them.

PMs need guidance. Hiring a project manager to manage a team is even better, but a good one is expensive, and a junior person in this role also needs a fair share of management.

COOs are overkill. Having a COO is ideal, but they need a team to lead the execution of internal projects, and most small businesses can’t afford such a huge undertaking.

Task Engine grew out of an effort to solve these pain points. This is our why.